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Bug Out Bags

You can be totally prepared for anything, but if you can't carry the stuff you could be in a world of hurt.  Keeping your Bug Out Bag ready and well supplied takes time, but once it's done it's done.  There are literally thousands of pack variations, but the Major and Mike have picked just a few favorites to minimize confusion and get you on the path to emergency preparedness as quickly as possible!

Men Military backpack Tactisch Camouflage backpack Molle System Saver Bug Out Bag Survival backpack military Travel Bags

$146.98 $88.95

Save $58

REEBOW Large Waterproof Military Tactical Backpack

$197.98 $119.95

Save $78

Large Capacity Backpack Molle System Bug Out Bag

$148.98 $89.95

Save $59